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A-Typical Mom

Dysfunctional is My Middle Name

Name: BethanyBob
Age: 22
Living: Middle-of-Nowhere, Maine, USA.
Raising: Asher, born 7/21/09.

Potentially Controversial Beliefs and Topics: Breastfeeding, nursing in public (NIP), anti-circumcision, polyamory, questioning the safety and efficacy of vaccines and meds, gun rights, Libertarianism, anti-Obama, pro-America, pro-Life, anti-abortion, supporting moms, supporting small businesses, anti-Nestle, hippie, crunchy, babywearing, and many other things you probably won't agree with.

You've Been Warned!

Nestle free zone

If you see any advertisements for formula or Nestle products, I didn't put them there; it's because LJ insists on advertising, and I have little control over what exactly pops up. That's the downside of relying on someone else's webspace.