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Boston With a Baby: What Sucked and What Rocked
Asher -- Jubilant! |D

- Getting up early: we left the house around 6:45AM. They didn't even start boarding the 8:00AM train until maybe 7:50.
- The morning train ride: because the train was crowded, I didn't feel comfortable leaving our seat. Nearly-11-month-olds dislike being forced to stay in one place for long periods of time. Chaos ensued.
- Not sleeping: Asher refused to sleep on the train.
- Overpacking into a too-small backpack: I changed three diapers and one of Asher's shirts. He had no interest in toys or food. I couldn't get to my notes and maps, or even the wipes when I was in a hurry.
- Infantino Wrap & Tie: I paid for rush shipping and only had a day to get used to it, which was not enough time to get comfortable with it. So, it stayed home. I may review it in more detail, later.
- The T: I was in a rush to get back to North Station to catch my 5:00PM train home. The first subway train I was on was taken out of service. Then they had "signal problems" when another finally arrived. I missed my train and lost my one day excursion discount.
- Illness: yesterday, Asher and I started getting sniffly. Eww.
- Work: getting up the morning after the trip and going to work was awful. I overslept and was late and was exhausted.

- The Mom on the morning train: I sat near a mom of a 10-year-old boy. She was pretty sympathetic, even when most of the other passengers were probably cursing me under their breath.
- Two Supportive College-Graduate Friends: our main reason for going to Boston in the first place: Asher's Aunties! They never acted weirded out when Asher needed to eat, they seemed to have more fun playing with him than anything else, and they carried both him and my crap. They're awesome and I miss them already.
- Babywearing (the Maya Wrap ring sling): I wore Asher on my hip and my backpack on my back. He fell asleep twice while we were walking.
- The T Riders: a few people actually gave me their seats, especially when Asher was asleep. Thanks!
- The train ride home: the cafe car attendant didn't seem to have a problem with our hanging out for about an hour so that Asher could walk. As it was, by the end of the trip, there was only one other person in our train car, so I let him have free reign of it -- except for scooping him up when the conductors went by.
- Being in shape: I remember Mom and I having a difficult time walking around Boston the last few times we've been there. Working on my feet 24 hours a week seems to have helped.
- The attractions: we did the swan boat rides and the Children's Museum. Yes, three "adults" and one child went to the Children's Museum. And it was awesome.
- The food: the California Pizza Kitchen was pretty good. Asher liked the pizza crust.

I'm hoping to take Asher back to Boston when he's a bit older. Destinations: the New England Aquarium and the Franklin Park Zoo!


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