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What's on My Facebook*
Asher -- WTH? o_O You serious?
*(This week) [/Web Soup reference]

- Janet Lansbury takes offense to the term "babywearing," and thinks that those of us who use it are objectifying our children. So, apparently, I objectifed Asher for five hours while walking around Boston? Mmyeah. No. Code Name: Mama argues semantics in a calmer way than I could ever manage.

- "Children whose parents set limits on the amount of time spent watching television actually watch less TV, a new study finds." It's another case of obvious results being obvious.

- KaBOOM! released a new feature on their site: Facebook's "Like!" button now appears on pictures, videos, and blogs submitted to the KaBOOM! website. In their "How-To" guide on the feature, you can catch a screen cap of Asher at River View Park. :D

- The folks at the Rockies' Coors Field learned a valuable lesson about letting nursing mothers be.

- Best For Babes highlights some of the common breastfeeding booby traps, including how mothers who don't breastfeed or stop breastfeeding are criticized for it and feel "damned if I do, damned if I don't."

- These skin-to-skin birth photos are beautiful! (P.S. Taking a picture of a flower does not make you a photographer.)

- And while I want to live in a world where a chicken can cross a road without its motives being questioned, I'm still wondering why the hell I saw a peacock cross the road, in the middle of nowhere, Maine, last Friday night.


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