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Asher -- Not Happy!!! TmT
My computer crashed two days ago. The good news is it's under warranty; bad news is we have to ship it to HP and I won't see it for a good month or more. For now, I'm stuck using everyone else's computers, so updates will be even slower than usual.

What I've Been Doing:
- Working. Ugh.
- KaBOOM!'s Park-A-Day Summer Challenge. Except I do lots of places in a day to make up for working and bad weather.
- Chasing my almost-one-year-old. Be still, my heart.
- Reading. I even finished a couple of books. Some were so bad, I didn't.
- Reading Jenny McCarthy's Louder Than Words. Interesting, but not great.
- Participating in PaperBackSwap (where I listed the above book).
- Playing Katamari Damacy.
- Spending too much money.
- Not participating in the Carnival of Nursing in Public. I had wanted to, but ran out of time.

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Totally off topic, but just FYI: It cost about 8 bucks to have the play letters laminated.

Awesome, thanks! :D

And thanks for the reminder to update my LJ sometime in the next century. *head-keyboard-sob*

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